NASA launches space probe to study Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids | The Express Tribune

NASA launched a first-of-its kind mission on Saturday to study Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids, two large clusters of space rocks that scientists believe are remnants of primordial material that formed the … Read More

Virgin Galactic postpones next test flight due to safety concerns around ‘strength margins’

Virgin Galactic has postponed its next test flight due to safety concerns regarding the “strength margins” of materials used in the rocket plane. The move follows a regulatory investigation into … Read More

‘Technology to automatically scan all iPhones threatens democracy’, researchers warn

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Court sides with City of Toronto’s bid to save historic tree after homeowner disputes deal to sell property | CBC News

An Ontario court has ruled in favour of the City of Toronto in its bid to preserve a 250-year-old oak tree — ordering the owner of the North York property the tree sits on to … Read More

My Favorite Martian Image: the Ridges of ‘South Séíitah’ – NASA’s Mars Exploration Program

Perseverance Rover’s View of ‘South Séítah’​: Composed of 84 enhanced-color images, this mosaic features a rover’s-eye view of the ‘South Séítah’ geologic unit of Mars’ Jezero Crater. Download image › … Read More