Mechanical Supervisor & Docket Man Jobs 2020 in UAE 2020 Job Advertisement Pakistan

Mechanical Supervisor, ELV Foreman, Foreman, Foreman Chilled Water, Fire Fighting Foreman, Mechanical Charge Hand, Fire Alarm Charge Hand, Charge Hand Docketing, Docket Man, Pipe Fitter Chilled Water, Pipe Fitter Fire … Read More

A US man is facing up to two years in jail in Thailand after posting negative reviews of a hotel he stayed in. He was sued by the resort under the country’s strict anti-defamation laws. : worldnews

Not only is it against the law to defame anything in Thailand, their advertising isnt allowed to say that one product is better than another. Like for instance, coke is … Read More

Amy Cooper: Dog walker charged after accusing black man who was chicken watching of ‘threatening’ her | US News

A white girl who known as the police on a black man whereas he was chicken watching in New York has been charged by police. Amy Cooper is accused of … Read More

Encrochat: Man charged with medicine and firearms offences after huge prison community bust | UK News

A 24-year-old man has been charged with planning to provide firearms, ammunition and medicines after police arrested lots of of suspected criminals. Alsi Vata, of Deptford, southeast London, has been … Read More