French woman sued by man she accused of sexual harassment wins appeal case

A French appeals court has overturned the defamation conviction of the woman behind France’s answer to the #MeToo movement, who was sued by the man she accused of sexual harassment. … Read More

Kamala Harris appears at women’s event with Bill Clinton after anger over sexual harassment claims against him

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Australia news live: Andrew Laming apologises over accusations of online harassment, flood clean up underway

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Australia news live: Scott Morrison apologises over ‘insensitive’ harassment claim; rain eases

PM issues Facebook statement saying he ‘deeply regrets’ raising a sexual harassment claim in response to question from journalist; forecast improves on east coast but flood waters still pose risk. … Read More

Thérèse Rein and Lucy Turnbull say nothing’s changed on rape and sexual harassment in a generation

Thérèse Rein has declared she is “mad as hell” and “incredulous” that Australian women continue to face the same risks of rape and sexual harassment that they faced a generation … Read More