‘Simpsons’ episode missing from Hong Kong Disney+

‘Simpsons’ episode missing from Hong Kong Disney+

‘Simpsons’ episode missing from Hong Kong Disney+

Hong Kong: An episode of ´The Simpsons´ in which the cartoon American family visit Tiananmen Square has been removed from Disney´s streaming channel in Hong Kong.

The missing episode adds to concerns that mainland style censorship is becoming the norm in the international business hub, ensnaring global streaming giants and other major tech companies.

Disney+ has made rapid advances since it was launched 18 months ago reaching more than 116 million worldwide subscribers.

The Hong Kong version started streaming earlier this month and eagle-eyed customers soon noticed that an episode of ´The Simpsons´ was conspicuously absent.

Episode 12 of season 16, which first aired in 2005, features the family going to China to try and adopt a baby.

During the episode they visit Beijing´s Tiananmen Square.

It is not clear whether Disney+ removed the episode or was ordered to by authorities.

The entertainment giant has not responded to requests for comment, nor has Hong Kong´s government.

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