Prince William praises Kate Middleton in video call with students

Prince William has said that he is not as good at drawing as his wife   Kate Middleton.

The Duke of Cambridge revealed this  while interacting with Pakistani students during a video call.

Prince William and Kate Middleton also talked to teachers to learn how school activities have been impacted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge  joined students in a game of Pictionary at Islamabad Model College for Girls, a year after the British royal couple visited Pakistan.

When the students asked Prince William whether he likes drawing, he said, “Yes definitely, we both like a little bit of drawing. Catherine is very good, I am really bad.”

And when he was asked why he was bad at drawing, Kate told him, “You don’t practice enough”. The prince agreed with his wife and said, “I don’t practice enough, that is very true.”

The video of the couple’s interaction with Pakistani students was shared from The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Twitter account with a caption that read, “One year on from #RoyalVisitPakistan Flag of PakistanFlag of United Kingdom The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge caught up with teachers at Islamabad Model College for Girls to hear how the school’s activities have been impacted, before joining pupils in a game of Pictionary.

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