Milton’s Bells Warehouse Doorbell and Wireless Chime Kit including Pushbutton Transmitter, Original Alarm Bell, and Door Chime with Built-in Volume Control

Price: $160.00
(as of Jul 23,2021 00:13:26 UTC – Details)

Our popular wireless doorbell chime kit is designed for commercial, warehouse, store, shop, or business applications. Easy installation and use. No wire needed to connect the pushbutton transmitter to the chime. Very useful in buildings where it is difficult or impossible to run a wire between a new doorbell button and the chime inside. Simply mount the wireless doorbell button where your customers arrive and quickly be alerted in no time! The Milton’s Bells Warehouse Doorbell system provides a long range and powerful wireless signal up to ½ a mile away. The wireless signal can transmit through building walls and floors. The wireless chime and bell each produce a different alerting sound; a LOUD fire-alarm ring from the red low-voltage “Original” Bell perfect for inside a busy warehouse and a soft ringing chime ideal for the office setting. The chime is equipped with a built-in volume control and 16 different chime tunes, and comes with a standard 110V electrical plug. Our Warehouse Doorbell includes all of the pieces necessary to set up your motion detector driveway alarm system: (1) Wireless electronic chime with built-in volume control. (1) low-voltage Red Original Bell wired to the chime with 5′ of wire. (1) Wireless electronic doorbell button transmitter (3V LiO battery included).

Complete System: Commercial bell kit containing (1) one wireless electronic chime with built-in volume control, (1) one red low-voltage Original Bell and (1) one wireless electronic doorbell push button transmitter.
Extensive Coverage: The Warehouse Doorbell kit transmits up to 1/2 a mile range specifically designed for large, noisy & busy environments such as warehouses, fulfillment centers, manufacturing production facilities or any residential application.
Flexible and Expandable: The wireless Warehouse Doorbell system provides you the ability to expand your system. If additional chimes, bells or buttons are needed they can be added. This system allows for flexibility and can even be combined with other Milton’s Bells wireless systems like our MB-MDCK Milton’s Bells Wireless Motion Detector Chime Kit and our MB-25WCK Milton’s Bells Wireless Chime Kit with 25′ Signal Hose.
Easy to install: Installation is easy. There is no wire needed to connect the doorbell button to the chime. Simply place the wireless doorbell button and system anywhere and quickly be alerted in no time!
Reliable and Durable: The waterproof commercial doorbell button and transmitter functions as both a doorbell button and as a magnetic door contact switch. The doorbell button transmits up to 2500’. The doorbell button can also be set up to send a signal each time a door is opened without the need to press the actual doorbell button.

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