Intel loses US patent trial, ordered to pay $2.18 billion to VLSI Tech | The Express Tribune

Chipmaker Intel Corp must pay a technology rival $2.18 billion after a federal jury decided that Intel infringed on its patent, a federal court ruled on Tuesday.

Intel infringed two patents related to chip-making owned by VLSI Technology LLC the jury ruled.

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In a statement, Michael Stolarski, chief executive of VLSI Technology, said the firm was โ€œpleased that the jury recognized the value of the innovations as reflected in the patents and are extremely happy with the jury verdict.โ€

The jury found $1.5 billion for all damages caused to VLSI on infringement of the first patent and $675 million for the infringement of the other.


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โ€œIntel strongly disagrees with todayโ€™s jury verdict. We intend to appeal and are confident that we will prevail,โ€ the Santa Clara, California-based company said.

Intelโ€™s shares closed down 2.6% at $61.24.

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