Heidi Planck: Police search landfill in hunt for missing mother last seen on home cam

Heidi Planck: Police search landfill in hunt for missing mother last seen on home cam

Police in Los Angeles County are looking for the human remains of Heidi Planck in a landfill after she mysteriously disappeared last month from her son’s football game, authorities said on Monday.

The search at the landfill could take a week to 10 days, Fox News reported officials as saying.

The Los Angeles Police Department and other agencies have decided to manually search for Ms Planck’s human remains and other evidence to investigate the woman’s disappearance.

Officials have issued a search warrant in Castaic’s Chiquita Canyon Landfill, nearly 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles, the LAPD said.

Ms Planck was last captured in a home surveillance camera footage on 17 October in a high-rise building in downtown Los Angeles. Her dog was also found from the 28th floor of the same building.

This was shortly after she had left her son’s football game midway in Downey. She was reported missing three days later by her family after she did not pick her 10-year-old son after school.

Police officials said that the evidence from the building is pointing to something that may have occurred as a reason behind her death, as the woman had no connection to the building, according to her ex-husband Jim Wayne, the report added.

Earlier this month, the LAPD said they found Ms Planck’s 2017 Range Rover from another building’s underground garage.

This building is a few blocks away from where her dog was found, officials said. They will be looking at the landfill for investigation now based on the evidence so far.

The LA police department has not shared any information on suspects.

Ms Planck’s former husband has said that he believes her job may have resulted in her disappearance, Fox News reported. Just three days after Ms Planck was last seen, Mr Wayne said he received a call asking him what he knows about his ex-wife’s employer Jason Sugarman.

He said that a call was made by an alleged Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) official.

Mr Sugarman and his business partner were accused of stealing millions from clients in 2019.

Ms Planck was working with an investment advisory firm Camden Capital Partners LLC under SEC’s scanner. She was employed as a controller and executive assistant, the report added.

Mr Wayne said Ms Planck had told her friends that the firm had some tax filings due and “complained that her name was on much of the paperwork”, reported Fox News.

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