Construction of Canso spaceport stalled, but CEO says project not grounded | CBC News

Construction of Canso spaceport stalled, however CEO says mission not grounded | CBC News

Construction has but to take off on a spaceport that was anticipated to launch satellites into orbit as early as this 12 months from the northeastern tip of mainland Nova Scotia.

The COVID-19 pandemic and pink tape are being blamed for the delay, however the CEO of Maritime Launch Services says its mission close to Canso will not be sitting idle.

“We are moving forward with the initiative, for sure,” mentioned Steve Matier. “It has been a bit of a hard year for everyone with respect to the pandemic, of course, and things certainly haven’t gone as quickly as we had hoped and planned, but I’m looking forward to a much more productive 2021.”

The firm is required to supply a progress report each Jan. 31 beneath the phrases of an environmental assessment approved in 2019. However, in keeping with a current freedom of data request, MLS failed to supply an replace to the province final 12 months.

Matier mentioned there was little to report at the moment, however since then, the corporate has been negotiating a Crown lease with the Department of Lands and Forestry and has begun some survey work on the property.

Steve Matier, left, has beforehand mentioned rockets might raise off from Canso as early as late 2021 or early subsequent 12 months, however will not be but able to say what the brand new timeline will likely be. (Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)

“Now it’s time to ramp up the activity associated with the compliance pieces,” he mentioned.

In an electronic mail, the provincial Environment Department mentioned it accepted that not sufficient work had been accomplished on the mission to warrant a report final January. An replace for 2020 is anticipated by the top of this month, it mentioned.

Matier has mentioned rockets might raise off as early as late 2021 or early 2022. He mentioned he’s nonetheless in search of buyers, however among the delays have been as a result of pink tape.

“When I started this initiative, I had expectations about how quickly different government agencies would be able to act or react or do what I expected to be the next parts, and I’ve learned a lot that these things can take a lot longer than one thinks or expects,” Matier mentioned.

Matier mentioned there’s been progress on talks with potential suppliers and clients, nevertheless it’s too quickly to supply a brand new timeline for building.

No new timeline

“I wouldn’t want to have to commit to something now and have to change it again,” he mentioned. “Hopefully after the next series of steps occur and we go public with that information, then I think it will be clearer what our expectations are.”

Details of the liberty of data request, which was supplied to an unnamed public curiosity group simply earlier than Christmas and posted to the government website last week, additionally reveal among the negotiations over different phrases beneath the environmental approval.

For instance, the province requires the corporate to have legal responsibility insurance coverage and submit a safety deposit for future rehabilitation of the property.

In a December 2019 inside memo, the Environment Department mentioned how a lot legal responsibility insurance coverage can be enough and famous there was no precedent to help its choice “as this is the first orbital spaceport regulated and operated in Canada and there is little prior Canadian experience with the use of toxic chemicals proposed by MLS.”

Liability insurance coverage beneath dialogue

According to the memo, insurance coverage varies at related services in different nations. It mentioned New Zealand requires as little as $11 million US, whereas the best quantity was within the United States, which requires $500 million US.

The memo mentioned the “MLS proposal is in line with these amounts, however, the Department of Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services suggested to LAF [Lands and Forestry] that for the phase covering launch activities, 250 million should be considered as a minimum.”

The Environment Department mentioned in an electronic mail to CBC News that the quantity of legal responsibility insurance coverage continues to be beneath negotiation with the corporate.

Matier mentioned the quantity of insurance coverage talked about within the memo has not been offered to his firm and there have been no negotiations but.


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