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Business WhatsApp Introduced New Features

New Business WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp for Business: Easy Messaging for Small Companies

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over 1.5 billion monthly users. Not surprisingly, many small businesses are turning to WhatsApp to connect with customers. Thankfully, WhatsApp for Business makes it easy for companies of all sizes to utilize WhatsApp’s features.

This article discusses the features of WhatsApp for Business, how it helps small companies connect and communicate with customers, the benefits of using WhatsApp messaging for businesses, and the potential risks and downsides. WhatsApp provides group chats, file sharing, branded profiles, multiple contact options and read receipts to help businesses improve messaging. However, security concerns, heavy reliance on staff members, and lack of analytics mean companies must use WhatsApp strategically. Overall, when used correctly, WhatsApp can simplify communication and enhance customer service for small businesses. Here are new features introduced this month.

WhatsApp Features for Business Communication

Business WhatsApp’s core features — text messaging, voice calls, and video calls — remain the same for businesses. However, WhatsApp for Business adds some important enhancements to help companies organize conversations and respond efficiently.

Group Chats

Business WhatsApp allows groups of up to 256 people. Businesses can communicate announcements, updates, offers, and support info to a large number of customers all at once using group chats. Companies often create product- or service-specific groups to provide relevant information to interested customers.

File Sharing

Businesses can instantly share any type of file — photos, videos, documents, and more — up to 100MB in size with customers via WhatsApp. This allows companies to send contract documents, product images, brochures, menus, invoices, and receipts quickly and easily through WhatsApp.

Branded Business Profile

WhatsApp Business allows companies to create a unique business profile with information like business name, description, email, website, and business category. This helps customers identify official business accounts and learn more about a company on WhatsApp.

Business Contact Info

Businesses can list multiple phone numbers and email addresses in their WhatsApp profile to help customers choose the best way to contact the company. Customers can simply tap a number or email to instantly message or contact the business.

Multiple Use Accounts

Business Whatsapp allows a single account to be used by multiple people within a company. This enhances communication and organization, helping businesses respond quickly to customers during and after normal business hours.

Read Receipts

Business Whatsapp’s read receipts let businesses know when a customer has read or listened to a message. This provides useful status information to help companies track and improve their communication and response efforts.

Merits of Using WhatsApp for Business

• Familiar platform – Since WhatsApp is already familiar to many customers, businesses can leverage a platform people already use to connect. This simplifies communication and makes customers feel more comfortable reaching out.

• Instant messaging – Business Whatsapp’s instant push notifications allows businesses to respond to customers in near real-time. Customers also receive messages instantly, enhancing the perception of service and communication.

• Low cost – WhatsApp for Business is free for companies to use. There are no setup or monthly fees. Businesses only pay for internet data usage.

• Multichannel support – WhatsApp can be used alongside phones, email, and websites to provide customers with multiple ways to contact a company. This enhances customer service flexibility.

• Global reach – With over 1.5 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp gives businesses another avenue to connect with a truly global customer base.

Demerits of Using Business Whatsapp

• Security concerns – Since Business Whatsapp is an end-to-end encrypted service, businesses have limited ability to monitor and ensure security of conversations and data. Companies must rely on employees for security compliance.

• Dependence on individuals -Business Whatsapp relies on designated employees or representatives within a company. Any change in staffing can impact a business’s WhatsApp communications until a new individual is assigned.

• Lack of analytics -WhatsApp for Business currently provides limited analytics to measure engagement, response times, message trends, and other data that could help companies improve communications. Businesses must track this information manually.

• Informal environment – WhatsApp’s casual nature may not suit the branding or image some businesses wish to project. Though WhatsApp Business Profiles provide some customization, the app remains primarily informal.

In conclusion, WhatsApp for Business can be a very useful tool for small companies to connect with customers and provide support. However, businesses must be aware of potential security, staffing, and analytic limitations to utilize WhatsApp strategically and effectively. With the right processes in place, WhatsApp can simplify communication and enhance customer service for many small businesses.


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